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Our team have 30 years of development experience and will work with you to create and deliver more efficient working environments. We are proud to have maintained a UK based development team working to the highest quality and are responsive and flexible whilst remaining cost effective.

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There has never been a better time for you to consider designing your own software to automate that time-consuming task which is specific to your business. For those situations where existing packaged software doesn’t fit the way you work, we take your ideas and develop a unique solution that does. The next generation of development platforms significantly reduce the development cycle and consequentially the average cost, which means that custom development doesn’t have to be expensive. Let us work with you to turn that spark into a fully functioning, productivity enhancing software application.


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We believe that the best consultants and developers have spent time solving problems and designing solutions within the industries that you work in. They have all spent time gaining valuable experience working for companies in areas as diverse as engineering, construction, finance, government and retail.

At the core of our development skillset is the ability to work with managed code platforms, specifically Microsoft .net and agile mobile development; enterprise database platforms from Microsoft and Oracle; and the full stack of web and cloud centric languages.


As part of the Autodesk Developer Network, we have naturally delivered many projects that are based on the Autodesk programming interface, for both desktop and cloud based software. Many of them have delivered significant productivity gains by reducing time consuming processes and integrating with other business systems.


“The Drawing Register Application allows us to make massive time savings. Literally thousands
of work hours will be saved.”
– Rob Ball, CAD Systems Manager at Areen Design


Our Approach
Our custom applications are developed and supported by our UK teams of project managers, process consultants, development experts and support specialists. Even the smallest projects are governed by our quality assured, project charter and have oversight at all levels of the organisation.


When we first start working with you we assign a consultant with knowledge of your industry and the challenges your business is facing. Quite often we find that we have delivered a project with similar requirements and in that case, our commitment is to deliver a proposal that is as cost effective as we can make it by reusing existing modules.


“It’s a huge step forward and for us brings much greater efficiency and accuracy of the whole operation.”
– Andrew Barker, Director at Dalcour Maclaren

Areen Design Case Study

Areen Design is a consultant specialising in high value interior design projects. These projects include airports and retail outlets and they were experiencing problems managing the vast number of detailed AutoCAD drawings that these large-scale buildings required. We built a Drawing Register Application right on top of AutoCAD that took hundreds of hours out of the drawing issue process.

“The DRA allows us to make massive time savings,” enthuses Rob, Areen’s CAD Systems Manager, “which in turn help us to achieve client deadlines. The automation process means we can more accurately predict when checks will be finished. 1000 or more drawings can be checked overnight on the DRA, saving at least 20 days of work. Literally thousands of work hours will be saved over the term of this project.”

For one major submittal, the DRA ran solidly from Friday evening through to Tuesday afternoon over a Bank Holiday weekend, saving Areen 283 work hours. We simply could not have kept to the deadline on this submittal without the DRA.

Areen has a very good partnership with Cadline and praises them for being efficient, approachable and friendly and for good attention to detail. “Cadline understand our business needs. They went above and beyond the call of duty,” continues Rob. “Our new system is very intuitive and was simple to learn. We can get assistance if necessary as Cadline are providing ongoing support.”

Download the full Areen Design Case Study PDF

Dalcour Maclaren Case Study

Dalcour Maclaren offers specialist chartered surveying services to clients in the utility and infrastructure sector, but were struggling to manage land interests on large scale infrastructure projects. We delivered a Land Referencing Application (LRA) to allow Dalcour to display the attribute data – title data, ownership details, contact data etc. – as web forms.

The LRA allows the surveyors to add, update and view the attribute data and show for example, all the related parcels along what may be a ninety-kilometre corridor and the key milestones they have reached such as survey access status. In addition, surveyors can record events and correspondence against specific parties and or parcels through the portal and in that way are able to produce simple reports and statistics showing progress and activities.

“Some of our projects involve thousands of land owners. It just couldn’t be done using excel, the client just wouldn’t ‘get it’. It’s a huge step forward and for us brings much greater efficiency and accuracy of the whole operation”, explains Andrew Barker, Director at Dalcour Maclaren.

Download the full Dalcour Maclaren Case Study PDF

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